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Heybazaar for Business

Why advertise on Heybazaar?

We intend to be the most sort after portal for classified Ads in the East African region. Advertising with us will help you reach your potential clientele using the following crucial information;


We will help you get your brand in front of the right audience with our extensive product categories


Filter geographically using one or a combination of the following:

  • City
  • IP address
  • and location searches on Heybazaar
  • etc


Identify Heybazaar users according to their browsing behavior via data collected both on and off Heybazaar platform. Great for targeting with a strong promotional offer linked to item being searched for.


Whether looking for pets, cars, a place to live or a phone, we can understand our users buying intentions by their searches and the site sections they visit.


Match your display campaign with PPC on other sites, or target users looking for your competitors.

Audience Segments

We build precise audience segments targeting those actively or passively looking for your brand. CLICK the link below for more information on business related inquiries.

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